Introducing the Aligner Provider Program

With a participant count of 20,567 and rising

Enroll in our 3-day training to learn how to

  • Achieve doubled earnings and exponential growth
  • Implement fresh marketing strategies
  • Effectively guide patients toward clear aligner solutions ​

Start Date
13th to 14th Sept, 2023

3 pm to 4 pm


3 Days

       Benefits you will gain


  • Profit Amplification
  • Rapid Expansion
  • Marketing Mastery
  • Effective Persuasion
  • Heightened Confidence
  • Community Connection

What's Included?

Comprehensive Aligner Expertise


Gain a comprehensive grasp of clear aligner treatments, covering technical, planning, and patient-centric aspects for well-rounded expertise.

Practice Integration Strategies


Learn practical approaches to seamlessly integrate aligner treatments into your existing practice, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.

1-Hour Live Session for 3 Days


Engage in three days of one-hour live training sessions. Learn directly from experts in concise, focused bursts to ensure effective understanding and engagement.


Interactive Q&A Sessions


Engage in live question-and-answer sessions after each training, allowing you to clarify doubts, seek guidance, and interact with experts and fellow participants.

Discover these 6 strategies awaiting you in this webinar

Patient Persuasion Blueprint

Master the art of effectively communicating the benefits of clear aligner treatments to patients, increasing case acceptance and satisfaction.

Digital Treatment Planning Mastery

Gain proficiency in using advanced digital tools to create precise and tailored treatment plans for optimal patient outcomes.

Targeted Marketing Approaches

Learn how to identify and reach potential patients who are most likely to benefit from clear aligner treatments, enhancing your practice’s visibility and patient base.

Efficient Workflow Integration

Discover strategies to seamlessly integrate aligner treatments into your practice’s workflow, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional patient experiences.

Case Complexity Handling

Acquire insights into handling complex cases, from diagnosis to treatment execution, enabling you to confidently address a variety of patient needs.

Virtual Consultation Excellence

Learn to conduct effective virtual consultations, offering patients a convenient and personalized initial experience that sets the stage for successful clear aligner treatments.

These strategies are designed to elevate your expertise and practice success in the realm of clear aligner treatments.

About the host

Dr. Zita Antao

BDS, Head Training & Development

Dr. Rohan Bhagat

MDS Orthodontist Head of Design & Planning Team


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