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Gift from ODONTO a FREE eBook

Sample Chapter

Demystifying Complex Orthodontic Cases

Unpacking Complexity in Orthodontics: Recognizing what defines a complex case. Types of Complex Cases: Diving into the wide range of complex orthodontic challenges, from severe malocclusions to skeletal issues

The Odonto Solution for Complex Cases

Odonto Clear Aligners: Versatile Effectiveness: Exploring how Odonto Clear Aligners adapt to complex cases. Success Planning, Case Selection and Assessment: A guide to identifying aligner-ready candidates among complex cases.

Technology and Tools for Complex Cases

3D Imaging’s Vital Role: Harnessing advanced tech for precise case assessment. Virtual Setups and Treatment Simulations: Using digital tools to plan and visualize complex case solutions. 


ODONTO is a leading provider of clear aligner technology in the orthodontic industry. Our goal is to help orthodontic labs and practices build successful businesses by providing them with state-of-the-art clear aligner solutions. ODONTO’s clear aligners are made using the latest 3D printing technology and digital treatment planning software, which allows for precise and efficient treatment. Their clear aligners are designed to provide patients with a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional braces, while still achieving the desired results. With ODONTO, orthodontic labs and practices can take advantage of a growing market by offering their patients clear aligner treatment options. 

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