OrthoSpeed uses vibrations to enhance the efficacy & speed of orthodontic treatment. Studies have shown that this novel approach to curing malocclusion is successful in reducing the treatment time by as much as 40%. It also reduces discomfort due to braces or aligners. Our orthodontists also have reasons to believe that using OrthoSpeed increases patient compliance.

Vibrations produced by the device causes micro pulses which transmit motion directly through the roots of the teeth to the surrounding bone. These soft vibrations ultimately help reduce discomfort, help your aligners sit better on your teeth, which ultimately increases traction and helps treatment go by much more quickly.

All in all OrthoSpeed can reduce discomfort, help seat your aligners around your teeth better, and transmit better aligner traction, more accurate teeth movement, and much faster treatment times.

The Science:

How and Why teeth move during orthodontic treatment?

Teeth move through a process called bone remodeling. When your orthodontist applies force to your teeth by placing you in appliances like braces or aligners the root of the tooth initiates a response from bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts). This causes changes in the bone surrounding the tooth to enable orthodontics to guide tooth movement.

How Orthospeed augments and accelerates orthodontic or braces treatments?

OrthoSpeed using vibration  technology in Orthodontics. The aim of vibration technology in orthodontics is to speed up tooth movement and ultimately reduce treatment time. Orthospeed’s gentle and consistent vibrations cause micro pulses which transmit motion directly through the roots of the teeth to the surrounding bone  which results in reduction of pain & discomfort, better seating of aligners, better aligner traction, more accurate teeth movement, and much faster treatment times.

OrthoSpeed needs to be operated only for just 5 to 10  minutes every day. It delivers gentle vibrations to stimulate the bone surrounding your teeth. OrthoSpeed in essence helps ensure that your aligners fit properly to make your treatment as efficient and fast as possible. OrthoSpeed’s painless gentle vibration increases blood flow to the areas surrounding your orthodontic work in order to accelerate your body’s healing process. This accelerated healing can reduce up to 40% of your total treatment time.

The standard cycle time for the OrthoSpeed device is 10 minutes. If you press the “on” button, the device continues to vibrate for 10 minutes before stopping. You can stop the cycle in between by pressing the “on” button again.

How do I use OthoSpeed?

OrthoSpeed is a super convenient and easy to use device. You can use it even when you are travelling or are at rest or even at work. Just wear the bite tray with the oscillator.

Bite down gently on the bite tray while you are wearing your aligners and compete the cycle of 5 minutes.

Rinse the mouthpiece when finished as instructed.

As a result of this accelerated orthodontic treatment, the time you spend in orthodontics can be reduced by up to 40%.

More Information on OrthoSpeed and Vibration technology in Orthodontics.


You do not require any clenching or specially hard biting. Just hold the bite and bite naturally and ensure the device does not slip out.
Yes! You must wear the aligners while using OrthoSpeed. OrthoSpeed’s gentle vibrations will provide a better fit and seating to your aligners.
It is recommended that you use the OrthoSpeed for 10 minutes every day for 2 sessions. You can always feel free to increase OrthoSpeed usage to 15-20 minutes as per your comfort. The standard cycle time of the device is of 10 minutes (ie. Device automatically switches off after 10 minutes)
Not necessary. The vibrations will be transmitted through the teeth and roots to the bone even if only some of your teeth are in contact with the bitetray of OrthoSpeed.
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